We have grouped all the programs related to schools and/or reading programs in this section. 

  • Chicago- Tutoring

CCS volunteers tutor at the schools of our sharing parishes.   We also do a story hour in a Catholic Day Care center.
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  • Detroit- CCS Literacy Program

CCS volunteers make reading fun for first and second graders by dressing in hand-made costumes that go with a story and going into the classrooms to read it. Story time is followed by craft time and then a snack, both of which follow the theme of the story.  Each child then receives their own copy of the book to take home and keep.

  • Milwaukee- Classroom and Library Supports

CCS volunteers assist as supportive aides in Blessed Savior South Elementary school to teach children in reading, math and language arts.  CCS members assist teachers tutoring both remedial and accelerated students. CCS members organize and staff both the elementary and junior high libraries. We supply the computers and Smart boards for the computer lab and classrooms.  Last year we served 201 students. The program is evaluated every year by the teachers, principal and supportive aides. Grades have improved, children’s self-esteem has improved, teachers are happy and CCS members feel that they are doing God’s work.

  • Phoenix- Book Club Buddies

CCS volunteers meet with 4th and 5th grade students monthly at St. Matthew School, an inner city school, to provide reading sessions that focus on reading comprehension.  Students experience a one-hour small group reading session, receive six literature books to keep for a home library, make a craft activity each month relating to the book under discussion, and enjoy a year-end reading celebration party.  Students receive a special book bag for their books as well as a notebook for responding to questions on the books they read. Students look forward to participating in BCB years before they are in the program.  Students not only work on improving their reading comprehension, but they also practice oral skills in the interactions with adults, which helps the ELL students.  Books are also taken home and shared with the family.

  • Phoenix- Story Book Friends

CCS volunteers are Storybook Friends and work with 1st grade students at St. Agnes Catholic School to help improve their vocabulary and reading skills.  Twice a year they host a celebration of reading.  Each child gets a book and participates in many reading activities. Volunteers help students read  and discuss a book each month.  Other important features of the program include the following: simplicity – no preparation is required of volunteers, minimal expense – books are re-used every year and enrichment materials are simple 4x6 index cards and colored pencils and central location- minimizes the drive for volunteers. Supplemental RAZ computerized reading program allows students to access stories from any computer. We serve 20 children once a month. CCS is a very welcome presence at St. Agnes with both faculty and children.  Children from previous years are excited to see the volunteers.  There is great volunteer support and a tremendous opportunity for children to receive special attention.

  • Sarasota- Miss Mary’s Bookday Party

CCS volunteers have started a new program to read to children at St. Martha’s Learning Center. We will give a book to the child to take home to encourage reading.

  • Dayton- Dayton Early College Academy (DECA)

CCS has partnered with DECA, a non-traditional 7th-12th grade charter school that is singularly focused on preparing first-generation urban students for college. CCS volunteers lead book groups, edit papers for students, serve as panelists for performance assessment and help with school events. This is a new program for us that has not yet been evaluated but just the presence of outside community volunteers provides support and additional instruction to the kids.

  • Cleveland-Libraries

CCS volunteers staff two libraries in schools that otherwise would not be able to have a library.

  • Washington D.C.- Christ Child Tutoring Program

The CCS Tutoring Program volunteers provide directed reading instruction in decoding and phonemic awareness to struggling readers in grades 1-6 in the CCS partner schools. All volunteer tutors are intensively trained in the Phonics Boost curriculum of Really Great Reading. Volunteers provide all the tutoring sessions in either a 1-1 or 2-1 format. Currently there are five schools participating and over 25 tutors. In this, its first year, the program will provide directed reading instruction to over 50 students.

The program includes pre and post testing in addition to ongoing assessment. It is anticipated that this program will provide about 675 hours of volunteer tutoring by the end of the school year. Immediate program impact is anticipated to be an increase in decoding skills, improved phonemic awareness and increase in fluency and reading comprehension.

  • Northern Michigan- Tutoring

With the continuing reductions in school budgets, teachers are very grateful for the volunteer support they receive from our CCS volunteer tutors.  The chairperson works with the school principal of each school to create a schedule of teacher requested support time and the availability of each tutor.  Tutors determine the area they are comfortable tutoring in and the amount of time they can provide.  CCS members are encouraged to volunteer to tutor even if they travel during part of the winter.  Any extra academic support that can be provided is welcomed!

  • Texas Capital Area- Books and English Enrichment Program

CCS volunteers in the Books and English Enrichment Program (BEEP) work with preschoolers whose parents are in ESL classes and whose primary language is Spanish to teach them the skills they will need to succeed in kindergarten. Often these children have never been in a formalized educational setting. Some students have never learned how to use scissors; color within the lines; or have a basic understanding of the English language.    In our classes, the children learn basic writing skills, the alphabet, numbers, colors, etc. and develop social skills. Arts and crafts, playing games, and singing songs are also incorporated into the lesson plans to help achieve the desired goals of this program. Each month, volunteers read a pre-selected book to the children.  At the end of the month, each child is provided with a copy of the monthly themed book.  This helps the children to begin his/her own library at home.

  • Cleveland- Merrick House and Parmadale Reading Enrichment Programs

Our programs are designed to improve children’s listening skills and teach valuable lessons through storytelling. At Merrick House, CCS volunteers read two stories based on topics supplied by the preschool teacher.  We supply a project and snack that correspond to the story.  We also encourage discussion about the book. Books are then donated to the class to build their in class library.

At Parmadale, six groups of children come each Tuesday to hear and discuss stories with CCS volunteers and then they are allowed to take two books home for the week.  This is an attempt to teach them responsibility also. We served 112 children and donated 660 volunteer hours.

  • Washington, DC- Adopt a School Program

Through our Adopt a School Program CCS volunteers and CCS members provide service and resource support to eight partner schools.  Each guild (a guild is a subset of members in the DC Chapter) adopts a school. 

Each guild meets with the principal of the school and determines the kind of volunteers support needed (help with the library, tutoring, appreciation activities for teachers etc.)

Guilds also provide resource support such as books, school supplies that the students may need. About 1,700 students are helped and 1,000 volunteer hours donated per year.  The program has immediate impact of helping schools with limited financial and volunteer resources.

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