• Akron- First Glance Teen Moms

CCS is partnering with the already established First Glance/Teen Moms program in Kenmore. This program provides guidance and basic life skill training for the Teen Moms as they work to raise healthy babies and complete their high school education. Our ultimate goal is to help these teen moms all get their GED’s. Christ Child members will present a once a month program for teen moms focusing on caring for their babies and basic life skills.

  • Dayton- The Glen at St. Joseph

CCS gives support to the workers at The Glen at St. Joseph a residential facility that offers low-income single mothers a safe place to live while they work and go to school. We volunteer in the day care center, Glen Mart, and the vegetable garden plus we offer assistance for different events throughout the year, such as the Halloween Party.  This project is new in 2011 and not yet evaluated.  We think our biggest impact on The Glen is that we are taking over some of the more mundane and labor intensive tasks freeing up the life coaches and other support staff to better serve their clients living at The Glen.  We also act as positive role models for the residents as they witness our willingness to serve and model Christian charity to them.

CCS volunteers at The Glen are able to be a part of a program that is working towards breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence in this group of young women.  It is marvelous to witness the difference that this program can make.  It is also great volunteer work because we work hard but feel as if we are truly helping the staff at The Glen.

  • El Paso- Reynolds Shelter for Homeless Women and Children

The Reynolds Home gives refuge to women and children in need, often coming in with nothing but the clothes on their back, and often pregnant.  Volunteers supply the shelter with dryer sheets, diapers, layettes, cribs, clothes, toys and any other requests that can be made within the budget. 

  • Quad Cities- Baby Shower

CCS provided a baby shower for women from a local pregnancy help center and women from the local child abuse council who might not be given a baby shower. The women get to come together and experience a baby shower with games,  gifts- including a large layette put together especially for their baby. They have a good time, celebrate the birth of their baby and meet other women their age who are going through the same experience.  Books, toys and additional clothes are also available for the women to take with them.  The baby shower helps the women feel validated in the choice they made to give birth.  They get to meet other women their age who have given birth and talk about what they are experiencing as a mom.  We served 60 children and donated 30 volunteer hours.

  • Summit- Central High Nursery

CCS of Summit reached out to Central High School in Newark, NJ which provides an in-school nursery. The school is trying to encourage the young moms to continue their education by providing a safe and free environment for their babies. Our initial offer was an offer of “whatever” assistance was needed for the young mothers and their infants or toddlers.  The program has grown and now is structured in 3 parts: Holiday Parties for the Mom’s and babies, a Christmas Program where we provide gifts to the babies and their Mom’s and once a month visits by members of our Chapter to offer hands on help at the school nursery.

We also began a “How to find a job when I graduate program?”  The program includes - phone call techniques, general application process; job research and how to dress.

  • Washington D.C.

CCS is offering a Christ Child Family Support Program (At Merrick Center) provides outreach, case management, life skills and vocational training, parenting classes and support to young single mothers with young children who reside in Southeast Washington, DC. Approximately 15-20 families of young mothers with mostly before school-aged children were served last year.

Neighborhood women participated in a Parent Café with their children.  Activities of the Café include a course in Effective Black Parenting, a support group, material assistance, workshops in nutrition and access to a cyber café – use of a computer lab – for job searches.  CCS volunteers conducted two holiday outreach events for families at the center:  A Holiday Boutique where children come to the center and select a beautiful, new Christmas gift for their parent/guardian and an Easter Basket.  During last year’s boutique, children were given snacks and homework assistance while they waited to “shop.”  This year children were also invited to fill a Christmas stocking with little holiday treats for themselves.  Children’s parents were also invited this year and participated in a hot breakfast and focus group while their children were shopping. 

In addition, the adoptive Christ Child guild provided individualized Easter baskets to program participants and their siblings.  Items included small toys, gift cards, school supplies, hair items such as barrettes, and simple jewelry etc.  Baskets were gender and age specific.  Individual program participants come regularly to the center for case management and life coaching by our licensed social worker who is placed there.

Program participants have access to all of the chapter’s material assistance programs including layette, winter coat drive, and uniform assistance. In terms of the three strands of the program: community engagement and 1) collaboration, 2) life skills training and 3) parenting and vocational training, the program has shown immediate albeit early impact from the services offered:

  • The CCS social worker has formed numerous, productive collaborations with other local service providers (including those who also work out of the Merrick Center)
  • Social worker has identified 12 families thus far this year to participate in Parent Café and other outreach programs,
  • All parents who have participated in Parent Café have continued in the program and utilized additional resources offered by Family Support Program.
  • Parents continue to seek individual assistance as well as group support.
  • The computer lab is in the process of being upgraded entirely by the CCS Chapter. This will enable the program to have a portal with a local community college for literacy and job skills training.
  • Chicago- Congratulations to Mom 

At a chosen meeting, each member is asked to bring a “Congratulations on your New Baby” card.  They then write a personal note of encouragement and sign the card.  These cards are then included with the layettes to support the new mother.

  • Columbus- Day Care Center  

The Day Care Center was started 21 years ago at St. Stephen’s Community House.  Christ Child members rock babies in the nursery, volunteer in the classrooms, purchase equipment and supplies and provide continuing educational training for the teachers.   Volunteers also provide a weekly story time for children enrolled in the center.  “Project Starfish”, a tuition assistance program,   was started in 2009, to provide assistance to families with young children. 

  • Toldeo- Parenting Today’s Kids

Parenting Today’s Kids is a parent support and education program.  It is held weekly on Wednesday mornings (three 14 week sessions per year).  CCS volunteers commit to a minimum of five weeks per 14 week session and also provide childcare so parents can attend.  CCS volunteers act as positive, nurturing role models and provide emotional support to the participants.  CCS volunteers work in conjunction with a licensed social worker who is also a CCS member.

  • Milwaukee- Second Saturday

The Second Saturday program provides a regular meeting place where mothers and children can participate in social and educational activities with an emphasis on reading.  It meets from 11:00-1:00 on the second Saturday of the month.  The Program consists of a period of gathering in which breath work and stress reduction skills are taught.  Calming music is played throughout the period.  The children have a story period where a book is read that they get to take home, while the moms work creatively on an art project.  The children create a simple craft as well.  A Doctor or nurse walks among the families dispensing medical information and answering medical questions.  A prayer is read by one of the attendees which help them develop confidence in public speaking.  A hot lunch is served and each family is given a take home bag that includes the children’s book for their home library, and a helpful item such as a box of Kleenex or canned food.  The bag also includes generous gifts from other local agencies

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