We have grouped all the programs related to non-clothing material needs in this section.

  • Northern Michigan- Backpacks for Head Start

The CCS chairperson orders backpacks, school supplies, personal care items, etc. These are assembled by volunteers at the CCS House in September.  Fleece blankets made by CCS members are given to each of the children.  Hats and mittens are also purchased and distributed to the Head Start children later in the fall.   

  • Texas Capital Area- Hygiene Bags for Elementary Students

CCS volunteers create Hygiene Bags for distribution to 4th and 5th grade students during hygiene and maturation classes. We partner with school nurses and social workers, and local dentists and hygienists, collecting toiletries of all kinds and putting them into handmade drawstring bags. Additionally, if the school nurse identifies that a particular student is having problems with personal hygiene, the student is given a bag and the nurse talks to him/her about hygiene instead of waiting for the maturation class. One of the thank you letters we received from a little girl who received a hygiene bag said that now that she had her own toothbrush and toothpaste, and she would not have to use her mother’s toothbrush. We served 500 students with 20 volunteer hours.

  • Texas Capital Area- Hygiene Bags for Homeless Students

CCS provides hygiene bags to middle school and high school students who are part of the Families in Transition (FIT) program (homeless students) We provide full sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, package of baby wipes, wash cloth, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, and for the female students, package of sanitary napkins.  All these items are assembled in a black drawstring backpack the student may use to carry their belongings.  We assembled 259 bags using supplies collected at our Christmas party and purchased items.

  • El Paso- Rainbow Room

CCS members collect and provide diapers for The Rainbow Room which assists neglected children.

  • Northern Michigan- Ditty Bags

CCS provides Ditty Bags for campers at Camp Quality. This is a one week summer camp experience provided for children who are suffering from cancer or other very serious illnesses.  CCS provides each camper with a Ditty Bag filled with items to make their camp experience more enjoyable.  Items include; toothbrush / tooth paste, comb, shampoo, stamped postcards, crackers, disposable camera, small game, book or word search. Camp leaders select a theme each year and may request specific items for that week.

The Backpack Chairperson orders the items to be included in each Ditty Bag in June.  Ditty Bags are assembled by volunteers at the CCS House in early August and are delivered to the office in Boyne City.  When the camp is held at Camp Dagget, CCS also provides a pizza lunch one day of camp.  CCS members deliver  the pizza and help serve lunch.

  • Texas Capital Area- Caps, Gloves and Mittens

CCS partners with schools with high populations of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch programs to provide caps, gloves or mittens to elementary schools during the cold months. Students who volunteer as patrol boys and girls are the first recipients of this program and secondly, other children whom the school nurses or social workers identify as needy recipients of these items. We helped 500 students stay warm with 25 volunteer hours.

  • Northern Michigan- Wolverine High School

The Wolverine community is facing severe economic challenges.  The staff at the high school do all they can to support and provide for their students.  Many families do not have water in their homes and the staff often would take student’s clothing and or athletic uniforms home to wash.  CCS has purchased a stacking washer and dryer that are in the elementary school and a commercial size set for the high school. 

In addition, a room in the high school and the elementary school has been set aside and fit with shelving, NCCS has purchased large Tupperware containers and CCS volunteers keep these filled  with sweats, socks, underwear, etc. for students.  CCS members also shop at the beginning of the school year and again in January to keep these filled.  Students who need extra clothing are identified by school staff and given the opportunity to receive clothing from this room.  Several gently used prom and bridesmaid dresses have been donated by CCS members for students to wear for Prom.

CCS members also provide small baggies of personal care items necessary for student athletes for showering after athletic events.  These travel sized items are collected and donated by CCS members.  Periodically members will gather at the CCS House to assemble these bags and deliver them to Wolverine.

  • Summit- School Supplies

CCS of Summit, which is a relatively new chapter, began a program 4 years ago to provide qualified children in the Summit district with necessary school supplies for the academic year.  Qualification is based on the Federal guidelines for the full or subsidized lunch program.  We provide: Notebooks, Pencils, Binders, Crayons, Markers, Erasers, Back Packs and Calculators.  In 2009, in order to grow the program to include all qualified children in the district we partnered with Bridges a not for profit which services the homeless and expanded the program to include the children in the shelters they service in nearby communities.

  • Geauga County- My Bags

CCS volunteers provided clothing and necessities to children who are leaving an abusive environment and are being helped by Women Safe. Sometimes a family leaves their home so quickly they only have the clothes they are wearing.  The My Bag gives them clothing and hygiene products. We provide 2 pairs of socks, 2 sets of underwear, sweatshirt and pants, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap.  We also include deodorant for the older children.  Included in the My Bag is a notebook and pens or coloring book and crayons depending on the age of the child. We hope we can help a child feel a little more comfortable when their world is turning upside down. We helped 20 children last year and donated 32 hours.

  • Phoenix- Bedtime Bags

CCS volunteers distribute Bedtime Bags (canvas totes with lettering, the CCS logo and red wagon) once per month from September through May to agencies that help children in crisis (usually domestic violence or homeless).  Items in the totes include a toothbrush, toothpaste, tissues, soap, wash cloth and hand towel for hygiene needs, tee shirt for night time wear, coloring book and crayons, plus an age-appropriate book for entertainment.  Children ages 2-10 receive a handmade teddy bear to hug and provide comfort.  Older children generally receive a fleece blanket instead of the teddy bear and additional items in place of the crayons and coloring book. Last year we served 1,449 children through 9 agencies. The 12 year old program was last evaluated in March of 2011 as part of the review held by our Service Projects and Program Review Committee (SPPRC).  Many of the agencies receiving the bears in Bedtime Bags also received a site visitation with a face-to-face interview about the program and our services.

The teddy bears for the Bedtime Bags are handmade with love by CCS volunteers.  Each bear is traced, sewn, stuffed, decorated with facial features, and named on an attached tag identifying the Christ Child Society of Phoenix as the source.  The pattern used was designed by one of our members.  The program allows members who lack sewing skills to help produce a handmade item that will brighten the lives of many little children. The teddy bears are the last item placed in most of the Bedtime Bags and the first item the child touches.

  • Akron- Friendship Bags

CCS volunteers provide large, sturdy duffel bags and toiletries to the Children Services Board. These bags are given to children when they need to be removed from their homes so that they can pack their possessions and carry them in a dignified manner. We provided bags for 550 children using 130 volunteer hours.

  • Cleveland- My Stuff Bags

CCS provides My Stuff Bags to newly admitted children in shelters and needy children in one public and parochial school each month. They are  gender and size specific bags containing three t-shirts, six pairs of socks, six pairs of underwear, sweat shirt and pants, bar of soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, markers and a notepad to children in need.  We are currently evaluating whether the sweat shirts and pants are necessary and are being worn and we are deciding if we can add a gym short to bags that go to the schools. We served 493 children with 285 volunteer hours in 2011. We received this note from a participating agency, “Many of the parents with whom we work struggle to provide the basic necessities for their children.  This assistance from the Christ Child Society will help ease their burden.  Your assistance will truly make a difference for families in our community.” We think that says it all…

  • Albany- The Christ Child Angels

The Albany chapter has a youth division known as the Christ Child Angels. 17 girls participate in this program.  Last year, they supplied relief bags to children affected by flooding in Schoharie County.  Each bag was a backpack containing school supplies, stuffed animals, winter hats and gloves, small toys and personal care items. The group also prepared Easter candy bags for children at an inner city meal site.  What a wonderful way to assure sustainability of a chapter!

  • Boca Raton- Backpacks

In August of every year, we provide a minimum of 50 backpacks, fully stocked with school supplies from calculators to highlighters and everything in between.

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