We have grouped all the programs related to uniform and clothing needs in this section.

  • Akron - Clothing Center

CCS provides new (and some nearly new) uniforms, underwear and outerwear for children in need from pre-K through junior high. We provide outerwear and underwear for high school students in need.  Each order includes (if needed) 3 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of underpants, 3 t-shirts, 2 uniform shirts, 2 pairs of uniform pants, a coat, hat and gloves, a new toothbrush and toothpaste. Volunteers fill the orders at our clothing center and they are delivered to the schools.  Emergency orders for students who have experienced a fire or unplanned removal from their home are filled ASAP.  We include regular clothes in these orders.  Our program continues to grow in number of children served every year (1,471 last year).  We receive very positive feedback from principals, counselors, social workers and parents who appreciate what we do.

  • Cleveland - Children’s Closet

CCS has a three part program to supply uniforms, winter coats and cribs and beds to needy children through social service agencies.  Children need uniforms to go to the public schools and many families cannot afford them.  We help these children to be able to attend school.  Children in foster care are not given back to their families unless the children have a bed to sleep in.  We fill this need through our local social service agencies.  Lastly, our winter coat program has kept almost 2,800 children warm this winter; children who would otherwise not have had winter coats.

CCS is currently looking at the program specifically to see how we can increase the number of beds and cribs we give out and how to fairly decide who should be getting the beds and cribs.  We also want to make it easier for the social service agencies to make their requests so we are attempting to get the forms on our web site.  Every year the demand increase as there is a great need in our community.  Last year we helped 4,854 children and donated 843 volunteer hours.

  • Western Reserve - Clothing Committee

Our CCS Clothing Committee program provides clothing to children in need throughout Lake County.  Children referred thru social service agencies and schools in Lake County are provided with school uniforms, clothing, underwear, shoes and coats.  Some items are provided thru our Clothing Cottage if we do not have the needed items volunteers shop with the child at Wal-Mart to provide everything needed.  A principal feature of this program is that we work thru our schools and area social service agencies.

  • Northern Michigan - School Clothes

The CCS chairperson contacts the schools in late April and early May to remind them to have lists ready of their children needing back to school clothes.  Once the chairperson has the lists, they are distributed to CCS volunteers to shop for the children.  On the date designated in August, volunteers gather to wrap these items and schedule their delivery to each family.  Funds are raised through donations and an emotional appeal at our annual Summer Party.

  • Pittsburgh - Angel’s Closet

We provide new coats, hats and gloves to needy children. CCS volunteers staff the Angel’s Closet for eight consecutive Thursdays in the Fall and provide direct help in fitting the children we serve. Members also shop on their own time for the best products and cost.  The program is evaluated at the end of the season and includes an overview of clients served, analysis of cost against amount budgeted and a review of the inventory.  We served 633 children and volunteered 900 hours last year.

  • Quad Cities - Baby Coat Giveaway

CCS volunteers provide winter coats, hats and mittens for the babies who have been at our baby showers during the past year.  We also conduct a clothing swap so the mothers can bring in the clothes that their child has out grown and get larger sizes.  There are also books and toys for the moms to pick up for their child.  We served 30 children and volunteered 20 hours.

  • Washington D.C. - Annual Coat Drive

CCS holds an Annual Coat Drive where our members provide new, warm winter coats to children in need.  Students in the CCS partner schools, recommended by the school based social worker and principal receive these coats.  Each student receives a new coat that is specific for him/her (according to size, age, gender etc).  Each coat is tagged with that student’s name.  All coats are delivered to the school and dispersed by the CCS social worker. 

Children and families affiliated with the Family Support Program at the Merrick Center also participate and receive coats through the program.  We just completed our coat drive and members provided over 300 new coats.  About 120 volunteer hours were donated.  The program is not formally evaluated.  However, principals, school staff and parents overwhelmingly support and appreciate the program.  The program has the immediate impact of providing warm, new winter coats to children in need of warm clothing for the winter.  The coat drive allows the CCS members to help these children in our partner schools bundle up in a new winter coat!

  • Geauga County - Warm Kids Program

CCS provided coats, snow pants, hats, mittens, and socks to children in the Geauga County area.  We purchased coats and snow pants and our members donate hats, mittens and socks.

This year we are also working with Job & Family Services in Geauga County to provide Teen Christmas packages containing a sweatshirt, flannel pants, socks and gift card for the teens whose families are being helped by Job & Family Services.  50 -60 children were served.

  • Washington D.C. - Uniform Assistance

Our CCS Uniform Assistance Program allows students in our partner schools to receive a uniform assistance scholarship which provides them with a new school and gym uniform. Funds for the program are the result of a direct appeal to our CCS members and friends of the Society.  Only the funds that are received each year from the appeal are used for the uniform scholarships.  Every year, over 100 children are able to start school in a new uniform.  Many of these families make tremendous sacrifices to pay tuition to have their children attend Catholic school therefore; the cost of the uniform is an expense they may not be able to afford.  The Christ Child Uniform Program can fill the gap.

A small amount of money is also set aside every year to allow for crisis situations.  Each year we have families who are displaced by fire, eviction etc. and are in need of basic material assistance. The one thing the Society can do in response to a crisis is to outfit the children in uniforms so they can return to school quickly after the crisis. 

  • Akron - Children’s Clothing Center

The CCS Clothing Center has become the largest service project for our chapter.  This service provides warm, new clothing to school age children upon recommendation of teachers and counselors.  Over the years over 50,000 school children have been provided new clothing including underwear, socks, shirts, pants or skirts, winter coats, hats, and gloves.  In the mid-1990's several elementary schools began to require uniforms and these were then provided for those students.  In 2010-11 we provided clothing for 1,500 children with a budget of $62,000 using 1,000 volunteer hours.

  • Dayton - Clothe A Child Program

The Clothe-A-Child program has coordinated the requests for and the disbursement of vouchers to parochial schools and service agencies in the Dayton area.  The Coats and Shoes chair coordinated the redemption of vouchers with the store contacts at three JC Penney’s stores in the area.  The number of vouchers distributed depends on the budget for the year.

  • Annapolis - Clothe A Child Program

CCS of Annapolis has been providing clothing to children in their area for over 60 years.  The health department provides names of the families and children in need.  Donations are solicited from the community and distributed by CCS members.

  • Fort Wayne - Crib Club

Fort Wayne partnered with The Women’s Care Center to support and improve the lives of women and children.  The Center offers free prenatal care, parenting classes, counseling services, life skills classes and encourages good health and self-sufficiency.  New and expectant mothers earn coupons for attending these classes.  This chapter provides a store in three Women’s Care Centers where these coupons can be redeemed for items such as diapers, clothes, winter coats, bottles, sleepers, onesies, blankets, shoes, baby wipes, lotion and shampoo, cribs and mattresses, coloring books, puzzles and books to treasure and read.  The store is staffed by Christ Child members Monday through Friday.  Other members purchase, stock and basically run the store.

  • South Bend - Layette of Hope

This project was started in 2005 in conjunction with Women’s Care Center in South Bend.  When a woman/girl has a positive pregnancy test, she is given a Layette of Hope as a gift from CCS.  The layette consists of a onesie, a pair of baby socks and a prayer.  It is their hope that the layette will act as a reminder to the mother that the baby she is carrying is a real, beautiful child.

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