• Detroit- Christ Child House- Residential Treatment and Adoption Agency

The Christ Child House is a residential treatment center and a licensed adoption agency owned and operated by the Detroit Christ Child Society Chapter.  The children are placed at our home where we begin their rehabilitation and healing process. Ultimately, we seek to reunite the child with a family member, find long term foster care or ideally find them a loving, adoptive home.  We provide a home for 31 boys who are permanent wards of the state ages 5-17, professional therapy for children who have suffered abuse and neglect, structured in a home-like environment and academic tutoring and support.

The Christ Child House has been in existence for 54 years, last year it served 44 boys and received approximately 1,000 CCS volunteer hours. We are continually evaluating the House through a number of tools the most active being our House Advisory Council which meets monthly and our long range planning committee which meets annually. In addition we are constantly being graded by our peers in the industry through the Council on Accreditation and the State Agencies that refer children to us. At the very least we offer abused children a safe haven but we hope beyond that to break the cycle of abuse and poverty through therapy and education.

  • Washington, DC - School Counseling Program

Through the CCS licensed social workers are provided to eight Catholic K-8 Schools located in the greater DC Area.  Services provided by the social workers range from individual and group therapy to classroom and school wide programs and crisis intervention. We are attempting to address social/emotional concerns and obstacles of students in inner-city/inner suburban Catholic Schools so that the students are more available for learning and have an enriching educational experience.  We provided services for approximately 1,700 children and made referrals to community based agencies.

Results indicated overall high satisfaction with the quality, quantity and level of service provided by the CCS School Counseling Program. 79% of participants surveyed found the services helpful.  72% of those surveyed said they’d used the strategies and methods they learned through the counseling services and 67% of participants were very happy with the counselor and 28% were happy with the counselor.

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