• Phoenix- Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents

Our Provisional members  shop for and wrap Christmas gifts for foster children under the guidance of their mentors and the Provisional Chair(s).  In 2011 we are serving only one agency, but last year our budget allowed us to provide gifts and gift cards to three agencies and approximately 260 children.

  • Dayton- Oak Tree Corner

Oak Tree Corner provides group grief counseling for children after a death in their family and CCS provides dinner before they attend the session. We volunteer about 3 hours 9 times a year, we provide care and empathy to the children and our volunteers receive a sense of appreciation from the children.

  • Phoenix-Mission Food Bank

Members provide a full Thanksgiving meal for a family of six, including a turkey, potatoes, dressing, rice, pinto beans, yams, green beans, broth, cranberry sauce, rolls, and pumpkin pie.  The donations cost $35-50, and members or groups of members donate the boxes.

  • Northern Michigan- Christmas Shopping

The CCS Christmas Shopping project is a member intensive project in early December.  The Chairperson will attend a planning meeting at DHS along with representatives of Toys for Tots and other community groups who will also sponsor several families for Christmas.

All families are investigated by DHS to validate both their need and that they are not receiving Christmas assistance from other agencies or sources.  Lists for each family will be given to the Chairperson with details of requests and sizes for the children.

CCS members shop for families and purchase gifts of clothing and toys, for the children, Christmas wrapping supplies and a $125 food coupon from Oelsons. (Their coupon stipulates that it cannot be used for tobacco or alcohol products)  CCS reimburses members $75 for each child and $125 for the food coupon.  If a member wishes to donate any portion of their purchases, they will receive a tax letter noting their donation.  All receipts must be given to the CCS Treasurer before the end of December.  All CCS members carry a tax-free Christ Child letter when shopping for Christ Child. CCS members in pairs  deliver their gifts, food coupon and Christmas wrapping to the families before Christmas. 

  • Western Reserve- Christmas Giving

We provide at least 2 families from each of 14 parishes in Lake County with Christmas gifts, food and gas cards continuing the work of Mary Virginia Merrick and spreading an awareness of the Christ Child Society. We served 93 children and volunteered 365 hours.

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