• Western Reserve- Eye Screening

For the last 12 years CCS volunteers have screened 3-5 year olds in local preschools for eye disorders. All volunteers are trained thru the Cleveland Sight Center. Information about the screening is sent home to families.  If a referral is needed a Sight Center representative follows up with parents. If families are unable to pay we have made arrangements with an eye doctor to cover costs of an exam and/or glasses. Last year with 748 volunteer hours we screened 1,872 children. There is a continual need to expand this program. Last year 150 children were identified and referred for follow up care.

  • Geauga County- Vision Screening

CCS volunteers conduct Pre-School Amblyopia Screenings (lazy eye screenings) for preschool children throughout the Geauga County area. We are trained by the Cleveland Sight Center and conduct eye screening in a manner that will allow us to find out if a child has a potential eye problem.  We will write up a report after the screening and the teacher will pass it along to the parents.  We screen 175-200 children per year and donate 70-75 hours.

  • Fond du Lac- Assisted Living

To support the elderly and help children, the CCS of Fon du Lac, Wisconsin, created a program that involves residents of an assisted living facility in their city.  Members visit the facility, work with the residents on items for their layettes.  This includes stuffing toys and cutting patterns.  The manager of the facility gave them a room for a craft sale held by their chapter where residents and their families could shop.  The money made from the sale is used to complete the layettes that are given to needy families with newborns in the city.


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