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Mary Jean Walter, Chapter President

PO Box 292058
Dayton, OH 45429

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The Christ Child Society Chapter of Dayton, Ohio was founded in 1911 and was chartered in 1916.  The Dayton Chapter was incorporated in 1952.  The Dayton Chaper began when two sisters from Dayton became acquainted with Mary Virginia Merrick and the work of the Christ Child Society while they were attending Trinity College in Washington, DC.  After graduating from college the two sisters, Helen and Marie Rotterman, returned to Dayton.  In 1911 they invited nine young women to their home with the purpose of establishing a Dayton Chapter, or "Branch" as they were then called.  By Christmas of that year their group had grown to 179 members. Members made and gave layettes consisting of 35 items to needy mothers of infants.



Layette Program
Oak Tree Corner
Infant Grieving Gowns
Support to:
Erma's House
The Glen at St. Joseph's
Meals for Mothers
Dayton Right to Life's "Promise Your Baby"

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